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Our Mission

To increase unanimity among Americans for adding

the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.

ERA Advocacy for Everyone

At 4ERA, we believe Americans can and will unify around this issue. We can join together, in the 21st century, to see this amendment --first introduced into Congress in 1923-- finally added to our Constitution.

We also believe that we can increase unity for supporting the ERA if we are also unified in our understanding that our differences of opinion regarding other issues should be dealt with in other forums and by other organizations.

Our Goals

Our Goals

To educate

To educate the American public regarding the need for an amendment guaranteeing legal equality for women.

To dispel

To dispel the myths surrounding the Equal Rights Amendment.

To promote

To promote the ERA as a positive and necessary enhancement to the Constitution and as a benefit to American society.

To keep

To keep our campaign single-issue, non-partisan and distinct from other issues.

To conduct

To conduct our campaign in a way that encourages coalition and attracts support by the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe that women should have a consititutional guarantee of legal equality.

"Despite the need for an increase in ERA education, 85 percent of voters say that they would support Congress passing the Equal Rights Amendment, including 93 percent of Democrats, 79 percent of Independents, and 79 percent of Republicans. "
Data for Progress Poll 2022

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